Things Homeowners Commonly Store In Their Ottoman Bed Base

Ottoman Bed Base

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One thing that so many homeowners struggle with in their bedroom is storage. Even though many will have multiple storage solutions like a wardrobe, chest of drawers and maybe even bedside tables too, they will still find that they run out of storage. This often leads to them having a cluttered bedroom, overflowing cupboards elsewhere in their home and sometimes an attic full of boxes and suitcases too.

Thankfully, there is one incredibly simple solution to your storage bed needs in the bedroom; ottoman bed bases. As you may know, an ottoman beds are designed so that the mattress and the top of the bed lifts up to reveal lots of convenient ottoman storage. Ottoman beds really are the perfect piece of functional, yet stylish, furniture and they can be very useful in every bedroom. If you’re wondering what homeowners usually store in their ottoman bed bases, below we have listed some of the most commonly stored essentials.

Spare bedding and towels

This is probably what the majority of homeowners store in their ottoman bed bases and it really is the perfect place to keep any spare bed linen and towels, and even spare pillows, duvets and throws too. Keeping these items under your bed can free up some space in your airing cupboard or prevent you from having to keep them on top of your freestanding wardrobe.

Seasonal clothing

Many homeowners will also keep seasonal clothing in their ottoman bed bases too and under your bed frame is a brilliant place to store items of clothing that you won’t be wearing for a while. From coats and jumpers in the summer to shorts and swimwear in the winter, you can keep all of these items neatly out of the way until you need them again when the season changes.

Pairs of shoes

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to store pairs of shoes in their ottoman base, especially if they have lots of pairs and nowhere else to put them. Lining up your shoes under your bed frame, whether these are high heels or trainers, is a great way to stop them from cluttering up the bottom of your wardrobe or your porch/hallway. You will then always know where pairs are when you’re looking for them too.

Bags and accessories

Similarly to shoes, lots of homeowners will store their bags and other accessories like belts and scarves in their ottoman storage bed base too. Doing so keeps them out of the way and prevents them from being sprawled out across your bedroom. You can purchase lots of storage boxes and dividers to use underneath your bed too, so you can ensure that everything has a home.

Children’s toys and books

Sometimes, homeowners will have single ottoman bed bases in their children’s rooms as well so that they can keep all of their toys and books out of sight. Ottoman beds are one of the best ways to stop toys from taking over your child’s bedroom and it makes tidying things away at the end of the day much easier. They are a great alternative to traditional toy boxes.

Wrapping paper and gift bags

When they don’t have lots of cupboard space elsewhere in their home, it is quite common for homeowners to store things like wrapping paper and gift bags in their ottoman base too. Not to mention, it becomes a brilliant hiding place for any presents you have bought at Christmas time and it helps to keep them away from prying eyes.

Purchasing an ottoman base

When you require additional storage space in your bedroom, it is fair to say that purchasing an ottoman base is a brilliant idea and it can easily provide you with the extra space you desperately need. There really are so many different things you can store in an ottoman base and you will probably be surprised by just how much you can fit under your mattress, so you’ll never run out of storage bed space again.

If you’re interested in upgrading the bed in your bedroom and you’d like to try an ottoman divan bed base for the first time, be sure to visit the Divan Bed Warehouse website. We supply a brilliant range of divan beds with both storage drawers and ottoman storage beds, so you can trust that we will have something that is perfect for you and all of your storage beds needs. With plenty of beautiful modern designs to choose from too, you won’t have to compromise style for functionality and you will easily be able to purchase a bed that ticks all of your boxes.

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