What to Look For When Ordering a Divan Bed Next Day Delivery

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Oliver Speake |

Should you be considering buying a Divan bed or divan bed bases online, then it is imperative that you purchase from a reputable supplier that you can trust. You will want to be confident that you are spending money with a trustworthy, honest and reliable firm such as Divan Bed Warehouse. Buying from a highly-rated supplier will guarantee that the buying experience is straightforward and stress-free. If you are at the stage where you are considering placing an order, then we have put together a list of things that you should always look out for before you finalise your order for a new Divan bed or divan bases.

Returns and Exchanges Policy

When you are ordering a super king size Divan bed, you will be spending a sizable sum of money on a single unit. As such, it is vital that you read through the supplier’s returns policy before you proceed with the transaction. This will make you aware of the terms and conditions that apply to the purchase of a divan set, and could help you avoid a difficult situation further down the line. You are always welcome to contact the supplier and directly ask them any questions you may have about returns and exchanges.

Testimonials from Past Customers

It can be really useful to take a look at the most recent reviews of the supplier you’re going to buy Divan beds from. Testimonials can give you an insight into what service you should expect, as well as a first-hand description of the bed. In an ideal world, you will want to locate a supplier who has accumulated numerous five-star and top-tier reviews from happy customers. This will give you more confidence that you’ll receive a first-class service and outstanding product that will give you a great night's sleep.


Having a good warranty length will give you peace of mind that you are buying from a dependable business. If the king size Divan beds you are looking at does not have a warranty, then this is a firm that you should avoid. You will ideally want to find a long warranty time frame, as normally this means that the company produces high-quality products and delivers first-class service.

Delivery Options

Fast delivery will mean that you receive your product earlier and can assemble it sooner. Suppliers usually offer a range of next day delivery options. The best delivery option you can find is to locate a business that provides double Divan bed and divan base bed frames next day delivery. This will mean that your order arrives at your location in 24 hours, which is incredibly efficient. You will also want to check what else is included within the delivery - for example, whether it includes assistance from delivery teams who can assemble the product.

Order a Divan Bed Today

Should you be looking online for a suitable retailer that sells high-quality Divan beds, then Divan Bed Warehouse is the number one destination. We have a huge range of Divan beds and divan base, with options to meet all requirements and match all customer budgets. No matter your specific demands, we will be able to source the exact Divan beds you’re looking for - according to your needs.

What’s more, we pride ourselves on providing double Divan bed next day delivery - which will deliver your new bed to your location in no time. We offer free premium 2-man delivery; our professional staff can handle your Divan bed or divan base with the utmost care, ensuring that it reaches you in optimal condition and is safely transported into your property.

To contact Divan Bed Warehouse today, call us on 0330 120 1123. We can assist you with your order, answer any questions you have and provide you with more information.

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