2021 Bed Trends All Homeowners Should Know About

2021 Bed Trends All Homeowners Should Know About

Oliver Speake |

Every year, interior design trends differ and what was considered to be ‘on-trend’ one year can easily get left behind the next. As a homeowner, it can sometimes be difficult to stay up to date with what’s trendy and what’s not, so redecorating your home isn’t necessarily an easy task. Neither is purchasing new furniture and, as you may expect, there are trends surrounding each of the important pieces you invest in for your home too.

Whenever you’re purchasing a new big piece of furniture, like a bed for your master bedroom, it can be really helpful to be aware of the latest trends and often, these trends will make narrowing down the vast furniture market much easier. So, to help anyone who is wanting to replace their bed this year, below we have explored some of the biggest 2021 bed trends that all homeowners should know about.

Handy Additional Storage

One trend for bedroom furniture as a whole is having convenient storage and there has been an increase in demand for furniture that allows homeowners to keep their bedroom clutter-free. Beds like divan beds and ottoman beds are expected to be more popular than ever before this year as homeowners want to create a calm and relaxing environment in their bedroom. Plenty of useful ottoman storage space is something that many are keen to have in their bed frame or divan beds base. 

Statement Headboards

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to make their divan beds the focal point of their bedroom and big, bold and bright headboards are back on-trend, helping homeowners make an eye-catching statement. Upholstered headboards are expected to be incredibly sought after this year and many will be using them to add texture to their room whilst showing off some of their personality. Headboards that are both decorative yet still comfortable are set to be the most popular.

Matching Footboards

Not only will homeowners be buying divan beds with headboards, but many will be opting for frames or divan bases with matching footboards too. This design feature helps to create the ever-popular boutique feel and it ensures that the double king bed is the first thing that catches the eye as you walk into the bedroom. Both line and button detailing on headboards and footboards will prevent a super king size 
divan beds design from being boring and they will ensure that an interesting statement is being made.

Low Bed Bases

Creating the look and feel of more space is something that homeowners want to do throughout their home and the bedroom is no different. Many will be maximising their floor space by choosing a divan style bed rather than a traditional bed frame and increasing natural light flow by opting for a low bed divan base instead of a standard height base. The modern and effortlessly chic look of a low profile bed will make them a popular choice for all master bedrooms too.

Neutral Colour Upholstery

It is fair to say that muted and neutral tones have been one of the most long-standing trends and whilst homeowners are starting to move away from minimalist interior design, neutrals aren’t going anywhere. Many are still choosing warm neutral and natural shades for the upholstery on their upholstered divan bed frame, creating a sense of calm in the bedroom. Keeping the bed base or frame neutral allows for more daring design choices to be made elsewhere in the room too.

Replacing Your Bed This Year

All in all, if you’re wanting to replace the bed in your master bedroom this year, there is no denying that knowing the latest trends can be really useful and, hopefully, the 2021 bed trends mentioned above will have given you some inspiration. When searching for a bed warehouse in Manchester that supplies a wide range of different bed bases, mattresses, such as open sprung and memory foam and headboards, be sure to check out the Divan Bed Warehouse website today.

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