Choosing The Perfect Divan Headboard For Your Bed

Choosing The Perfect Divan Headboard For Your Bed

Oliver Speake |

The vast majority of the time, when purchasing a new divan bed base, it won’t have a headboard built into the frame or even a floor standing headboard. Whilst this is brilliant for smaller bedrooms with sloped ceilings, for example, some will decide to purchase a separate headboard to use. Being able to add your own headboard to the divan base is incredibly beneficial and it allows homeowners to easily upgrade their divan bed whenever they want to.

Nowadays, there are so many different divan headboards on the market too and you will be spoilt for choice when selecting which you’d like to purchase for your bedroom. As you may expect, the headboard that you choose will completely transform the look and feel of the whole room, so it is important to ensure that you’re opting for the right design. To help anyone trying to decide which headboard is best for their divan bed base, below are some important design features to think about.

 The Height Of The Headboard

You will likely find that whether you have a single or a king size divan base, there will be different headboard heights to choose from. Generally speaking, you will have two standard heights available in most designs; 26” or 36”. You will want to ensure that the headboard is in proportion to the size of your bedroom and the height of your ceiling, so think about what will be best for your bed. Remember, the bigger the headboard, the more of a statement it makes too.

The Colour Of The Headboard 

Almost all divan headboards come in a vast selection of colours too and you will need to decide which colour is right for your bedroom. Not only should you take into consideration the colour scheme of your interior design when choosing a colour for your headboard, but don’t forget to think about the colour of your divan beds base too. Many will choose to match the headboard colour to their bed frame colour, but you can opt for something contrasting if you’d prefer.

The Fabric Of The Headboard

It isn’t uncommon for divan headboards to be available in a range of fabric choices too. From Crushed Velvet and Naples to Wool, Chenille and Plush Velvet, these fabrics will all look and feel quite different. When deciding which fabric to choose, again think about the fabric used for the base of your bed set, but also take into consideration things like, how soft and comfy the fabric is and also how durable it is and how easy it is to keep the fabric clean.

The Pattern And Detail Of The Headboard

The overall appearance of the headboard is always essential to think about and there are lots of different designs to choose from. Consider whether you’d like to have a simplistic headboard or if you’d like to have line detailing or a button pattern instead. How traditional or contemporary you want the headboard to be will impact this decision. Should you opt for a button design, also consider whether you’d like diamante buttons or matching fabric buttons.

The Padding Of The Headboard 

Even though it can be easy to overlook, you should always think about how padded you’d like the headboard to be. If you’re going to lean up against the headboard whilst sitting up and reading in bed, for example, it is essential to ensure that it will be comfortable and opting for a thick high-density reflex foam is a great choice. You should never underestimate the importance of having a comfortable upholstered headboard.

Purchasing A Headboard

When you’re wanting to purchase a headboard to use with your divan bed base, hopefully, the information above will be useful. Thinking about all of the different design elements of the headboard should help you to figure out what exactly you’re looking for and you can then start to narrow down the vast market. With so many brilliant customisable upholstered headboards available nowadays, you shouldn’t struggle to find one that is perfect for your bedroom. 

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