An Ottoman Bed Base: The Best Storage Solution For Your Bedroom

Ottoman Bed Base

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When you’re purchasing new furniture for your master bedroom, it goes without saying that ensuring you have plenty of storage space is essential. You will likely keep lots of different belongings in your bedroom, from clothes and shoes to various accessories, and to prevent this room from getting cluttered and messy, convenient storage solutions are a must-have. Arguably, one of the best storage options for any master bedroom is an ottoman bed base or divan base. This type of storage bed frames can help to prevent the need for other bulky pieces of furniture and it’s a brilliant storage solution for reasons such as;

Lots of under bed storage space

Ottoman bed bases are designed to provide lots of useful storage space. Whether you choose a double bed or a super king-size bed, the bed base will essentially be hollow, enabling you to fill it with your belongings. You can use the space underneath your mattress however you’d like and you will probably be surprised by just how much you can store in your ottoman storage bed.

Unlike divan beds, ottoman beds enable you to store bulky items conveniently under your bed and you won’t have to worry about fitting your belongings into the storage drawers. The extra perfect storage solution you get with this particular type of ottoman divan base will help you keep your bedroom clutter-free, and it’s the perfect solution for any bedroom that isn’t big enough for multiple pieces of furniture. You can even use storage boxes and dividers in your ottoman base or divan base to keep your belongings neat and tidy under your bed too.

Easy to access storage space

When you want to access the belongings you store in your ottoman base, you can simply lift the mattress and minimum effort will be required to do so. More often than not, ottoman storage beds are made with lift pistons that make lifting even the heaviest mattresses easy work. So, you won’t ever have to worry about not being able to get to your belongings.

Often, simply being able to lift the mattress to access your storage will be more convenient than having to open drawers as you do with divan beds. Depending on the layout of your bedroom, you might not have enough floor space next to your bed to be able to open a drawer, preventing you from making the most of your under bed storage. However, with an ottoman bed base, you can keep everyday items here, such as shoes, bags and belts, without any hassle and you can always access your belongings.

Different opening options are available

Regardless of where you want to put your ottoman bed, you won’t struggle to find a design that makes keeping your bedroom tidy as easy as possible. There are different options available, including end lift ottoman beds and side lift ottoman beds, and you won’t have to compromise on bedroom design to be able to make the most of the under bed storage.

Commonly, end-opening designs are the most popular and they are a better solution if you’re planning to put bedside tables next to your ottoman bed frames. However, side-opening designs can work really well if your bed is pushed into the corner of the room or if you don’t have much space at the foot of your bed. Thankfully, both of these designs enable you to conveniently lift the mattress and store your belongings in the single ottoman bed base with ease.

Purchasing an ottoman bed base

There is no denying that an ottoman bed frames is a brilliant choice and if you’re interested in purchasing this type of bed frame, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Divan Bed Warehouse, we have over 15 years of experience manufacturing and retailing bedroom products, and we have a vast selection of storage bed frames to choose from. You can always turn to us for your new storage bed frames in confidence knowing we manufacture our products in house, enabling us to offer our customers the very best quality and also the most competitive prices. Explore our website today to see what ottoman beds we currently have available.

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