Creating A Luxury Bedroom With A Divan Bed Set

Divan Bed

Oliver Speake |

There is no denying that the bed is the focal point of any bedroom and it is the most important piece of furniture you will purchase. The style of divan bed bases you choose can completely transform the space and you will be surprised by just how much of a difference this one piece of furniture can make. If you’re wanting to create a luxury bedroom, whether this is your master bedroom or a spare bedroom, a super king divan bed is undoubtedly one of the best divan bed base available to purchase. There are so many advantages to this particular type of bed frame and a divan set is a brilliant choice for any contemporary bedroom for reasons such as;

Declutter your bedroom

Less is often more when it comes to creating a luxurious looking space and the minimalist style is incredibly popular. Divan beds are designed to provide homeowners with more storage space and they offer a number of storage drawers configurations. So, when you opt for a super king divan bed base, you will find it much easier to keep your bedroom neat and tidy.

It is likely that you will require fewer pieces of furniture in the room too and the storage provided by luxury affordable divan beds can prevent the need for other storage solutions. When you remove any unnecessary bulky furniture from the room it will both look and feel brighter, airier and more spacious, again, helping to make it seem more luxurious.

Plush upholstery fabric

Unlike other metal bed frames, divan beds are made from a durable wooden divan bed base that is covered with fabric. This in itself instantly makes the whole bed look more luxurious and expensive, not to mention it will be more comfortable as well.

There are a number of beautifully soft fabrics to choose from when you’re purchasing a luxury divan set, including; chenille, crushed velvet, plush velvet, wool and naples. No matter which upholstery fabric you end up choosing for your bed, you can guarantee that it will provide the prestigious look you were hoping for.

Rich and warm colours

In addition to having a brilliant selection of fabrics to choose from, luxury divan beds also come in a vast range of colours too. Regardless of what colour scheme you have chosen for your interior design, you won’t struggle to find a divan base that perfectly complements this.

With rich colours like purple, plum, navy, teal, chestnut and mink available, you can even make a design statement with your new divan base if you’d like to. Opting for a contrasting colour in a neutral colour scheme, for example, can add texture to your bedroom design and help to make the whole space seem more luxurious.

Matching headboard and footboard

The vast majority of divan bed sets come with a headboard, however, some will also have a matching footboard as well as a memory foam or pocket sprung mattress. A deep filled headboard and footboard will add both depth and beauty to a luxury divan base, creating the overall look you were hoping for.

Not only will the headboard and footboard perfectly match the rest of the bed as they will be wrapped in the same plush fabric, but there are a number of different button designs to choose from as well. Not to mention, some headboards are even available in a larger size, 36" in height rather than 26” in height, adding to the overall feel of this piece of furniture.

Investing in a luxury divan bed

If you would like to purchase a luxury divan bed set for your bedroom, be sure to explore the Divan Bed Warehouse online store today. We have a brilliant selection of divan sets to choose from and we also supply a wide range of divan bed bases, headboards, mattresses, mattress options and accessories too. As a family run business with over 15 years of experience, we pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations. We manufacture all of our high-quality products in house, enabling us to offer incredibly competitive prices, and you won’t be disappointed with the beautifully crafted bed you receive from us that will give you a great night's sleep.

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