Delving Deeper Into The Popularity Of Divan Beds

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Oliver Speake |

If you were to take a moment to look at the beds currently on the market that offer built in storage options, there are essentially two main options - namely, they are Ottoman and divan units. Each of these possess their own unique selling-points, and are first-class options in their own right. However, it is not hard to see why divan base units are currently flying off of the shelves, and their popularity shows no-signs of slowing down. Here to explain a little more about why you should be trying to find a divan bed sooner rather than later, is the Divan Bed Warehouse team.

The Storage Opportunities

Whilst it may seem relatively obvious, we still feel like it is only-right that we spend a moment talking about the additional drawer options capabilities that you will be blessed with if you purchase divan beds. In case you haven’t had the chance to get up-close and personal with one of these units, it is important that you recognise that it is possible to have up to four storage drawers situated underneath. This, as we are sure you will agree, is not an opportunity to pass-on.

Space-Saving Option

When you live in a property that is relatively restricted from a size perspective, you will understandably want to do everything in your power to optimise your use of space. Take, for instance, your bedroom - rather than waste a large portion of the room on a chest of drawers, you can instead opt to invest in divan beds. This can provide you with a place to put your smaller items of clothing, without forcing you to leave them scattered around on the floor.

Stylish Purchase

Not only will you have a premium platform divan bed base when you decide to purchase double or single divan beds - you will also be granted the chance to browse through a not-inconsiderable range of headboards. These are considered to be a staple of any high-end home, and are routinely praised for their immaculate aesthetics. It does not matter if your preference is for a leather unit, or you would prefer for it to be made entirely out of fabric. You are spoiled for choice in this department, which should certainly come as music to your ears.

Reasonably Priced

Despite being the last point on this list, it would be unwise for you to totally-disregard the competitive prices that are typically attached to high-quality divan beds. Although it is true that you can expect to pay more for the super-king variant, it is possible to source divan beds and memory foam mattress packages that do not force you to break the bank. Should you be trying to be savvy with your personal finances, this is certainly an option that should be considered.

What Can We Offer You?

When you are starting your search for divan bed bases that can guarantee you a great night’s sleep, you will no-doubt be overwhelmed with the sheer number of models from which to choose from. Bed frame can be found in a wide-range of shapes and sizes, which can make the process rather long-winded. That being said, you could do a lot worse than buying a divan bed and mattress options from Divan Bed Warehouse and our fast delivery. Our units can be paired with both pocket sprung mattresses and memory foam units, meaning that you have a fantastic degree of flexibility. Want to get an initial quote for a double or king-size bed base, or wish to ask a couple of questions about our Ottoman storage space potential? To get in touch, all you need to do is write to us at