Making The Most Of An Extra Deep Ottoman Bed Base

Ottoman Bed Base

Oliver Speake |

Ottoman beds are considered to be one of the best bed frames/bed bases available when you require additional storage space in a bedroom. The fact that you’re able to lift the bed base and mattress to reveal plenty of useful storage space enables you to make the most of the otherwise wasted space underneath your bed.

When directly compared to divan beds, ottoman beds tend to provide greater storage capacity as you’re able to use all of the space available rather than just the space inside the drawers. Some bed bases have more storage than a standard ottoman base too and simply put, the deeper the base the more storage space you will have. If you’re interested in purchasing an extra deep ottoman bed base and you’re looking for some storage tips and tricks, below are some useful ways to make the most of the extra storage space you’ll have.

Separate your belongings

Often, the space underneath an ottoman bed base is completely open or it has a single divider down the middle, either horizontally or vertically, depending on the design of the bed. To prevent the items you store under the bed from being untidy, it can be beneficial to divide the space into different sections, enabling you to properly separate anything being kept in the ottoman bed.

Use storage boxes

Instead of using dividers, when you have an extra deep ottoman bed base, you have the option to use storage boxes. You can place smaller items into these boxes, preventing things from getting lost, and labelling them will make it easy to find specific items. If you have lids on these storage boxes too, you can stack them and make use of all of the vertical space you have.

Roll your bed linen

Many use the storage space provided by an ottoman bed for things like towels and bedding, but they can end up taking up a lot of room. Simply rolling your spare bed linen rather than folding it will reduce the amount of space it takes up and also makes it easier to find a whole bedding set. You can always put these rolled items into wicker baskets to keep them neat and tidy too.

Use vacuum pack bags

When you’re storing things such as out of season clothes underneath an ottoman base, vacuum pack bags will help you to fit much more in this storage space. These bags are particularly useful if you’re storing bulky coats and jumpers in the bed as they will shrink them right down, enabling you to store lots of other items alongside them.

Place items inside suitcases

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners who don’t have attic space to keep their suitcases in their extra deep ottoman bed base and if you do this, make sure you’re filling these suitcases. As you may expect, suitcases will take up quite a lot of space, but when you store items inside them, you won’t be wasting any space. You will be surprised just how much fits into a suitcase too.

Use shoe storage solutions

The storage space provided by an extra deep ottoman bed base is also frequently used for shoes and boots, and instead of just throwing them under the bed, using specifically designed storage solutions will enable you to make the most of the space. There are lots of different shoe storage options available, so you won’t struggle to find something that works for your needs.

Investing in an extra deep ottoman bed base

Hopefully, if you’re interested in an ottoman bed base because you require as much storage space as possible, the tips and tricks above will come in handy. Using some of these storage ideas will help you to make the most of your deep ottoman bed and you can prevent the need for numerous additional storage solutions in the bedroom.

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