Divan Beds: The Answer To All Of Your Problems

Divan Beds

Oliver Speake |

When you initially start your search for a bed, you will likely be full of optimism; after-all, this is an exciting purchase, and one that will be used on a daily basis. Unfortunately, the process is often one that is rather drawn-out, mainly due to the fact that you are spoiled for choice. Whilst all of the units that can be found on the market certainly have positive aspects to them, none are quite on the same level as divan beds. If you are curious to learn more about these incredible furniture pieces, take a look at Divan Bed Warehouse comprehensive guide down below.

What Are They?

In essence, you can boil down the ins-and-outs of divan beds into two separate sections; the frame of the bed itself, and the storage drawers that can be found beneath. Typically, the frame will have a fabric overlay, as this is considered to be better from a visual standpoint, as opposed to allowing the corners to be on-show. On the whole, divan beds are routinely considered to be the premium option when it comes to storage units, and it is hard to disagree with this statement.

Looking At The Benefits

It is rather difficult to summarise the seemingly-endless list of benefits associated with divan beds in a few words - that being said, we believe that we are well-equipped to offer a brief overview. First-and-foremost, this unit can allow you to subsequently rid yourself of the large chest of drawers that you have previously relied on. Not only this, but divan beds can inject some much-needed order and harmony into your bedroom, something that is difficult to achieve with other models.

Example Units

Should you have recently discovered divan beds, you may be wanting to take a closer look at some of the units, as this can give you more of an idea as to what you could expect if you were to place an order. Thankfully, in Divan Bed Warehouse you have a retailer that takes pride in being transparent. As far as base models go, the ‘Luxury Base Only’ option will certainly fulfil your needs from a functional standpoint. Alternatively, the ‘Low Divan Bed’ is fantastic if you are something of a minimalist.

Why Come To Us

Now that you are starting to come to the realisation that divan beds are a cut above the rest of the competition, you need to try and identify a retailer to put your faith into. Ideally, they will have a wonderful track-record, and can use their extensive experience to easily supply you with the bed of your dreams. In situations such as this, your best-bet would be to turn to Divan Bed Warehouse for assistance. As is evidenced by our top-tier collection of Trustpilot testimonials, we routinely leave our clients satisfied.

Our Services Explained

Do you feel as if you would be well-suited to a low divan base, and think that the time has come to spend some money on an upgrade on your existing bed? Are you looking for a retailer that has a vast number of divan bed bases from which to choose from, and can grant you a large choice of fabric colours? To those of you that didn’t already know, allow us to introduce ourselves - we are Divan Bed Warehouse. In our eyes, it does not matter if you are looking to acquire a pocket spring mattress, or need a brand-new base for your bedroom. After providing us with your details via email at sales@divanbedwarehouse.co.uk, we will go above-and-beyond to try and cater to your particular requirements.