Divan Beds Vs Standard Bed Frames - What You Need To Know

Divan Beds

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When you’re purchasing bedroom furniture, you will have a wide range of beds to choose from. The majority of bed frames will be similar in construction, even if they’re different in design and your memory foam mattresses will sit inside the frame. However, divan beds are slightly different. This unique old bed base is a brilliant option to consider when you’re purchasing a new bed and it is ideal for master bedrooms, children’s bedrooms and spare bedrooms alike. Below we have looked into divan bed in more detail, covering all of the basics you need to know.

What is a divan bed?

Simply put, a divan bed is a unique type of divan bases that is essentially a wooden frame covered in fabric. Divan bed are smaller than standard bed frames as the matching excellent mattress firm support is designed to sit on top of the base rather than inside the frame. Unlike other bed frames, divan bed have built in storage drawers integrated into the bed base too, providing convenient under bed storage.

You can purchase divan bed bases by themselves or you can purchase divan bed sets that are inclusive of; divan bed bases, a headboard and a mattress. A divan bed set is a complete solution that will prevent any hassle when it comes to choosing the rest of your bed essentials.

What size divan beds are available?

Similarly to standard bed frames, there are a number of different sizes to choose from when you’re purchasing a divan bed. The majority of designs will be available in a; small single, single bed, small double, double, and super king size, so no matter how much floor space you have in your bedroom, you won’t struggle to find a suitably sized divan base.

Depending on the bed size you choose, you may have limited storage drawer configurations to choose from though. For example, you can only have two side drawers in a small single, but you can have two side drawers, two top drawers or four drawers in a double.

What are the benefits of divan beds?

When compared to standard bed frames, divan bed offer a number of unique advantages. Some of the biggest benefits of this particular type of bed base include;

They have smaller dimensions

As mentioned above, divan bed are smaller than standard bed frames and the mattress will sit on top of the bed base. This means a divan bed will take up less space in your bedroom which is really useful if you don’t have a very big room. However, even though the bed is smaller, you won’t lose out on any mattress space and you can still get a great night’s sleep.

They provide convenient storage space

Due to the fact there are drawers built into a divan bed base, you will have plenty of additional storage space to use. You can store a huge range of items under your mattress and you will easily be able to access whatever you choose to keep here. Making sure your bedroom is tidy and clutter-free couldn’t be easier when you have this type of storage bed.

They are more luxurious

The design of single divan beds instantly makes them look more expensive than standard frames, even though they’re still really reasonably priced. With so many different fabrics and colours to choose from for the base upholstery, you can ensure the bed complements your interior design. Not to mention, the wooden base is really durable, so it will easily stand the test of time.

Purchasing a divan bed

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about divan beds and it goes without saying that they are a brilliant alternative to a standard bed frame. If you’d like to purchase a quality divan bed for your bedroom, browse through the Divan Bed Warehouse online store today. We have a huge selection of divan bed sets to choose from and you won’t struggle to find a design that meets all of your individual needs. You can always purchase you bed from us in confidence knowing that it will be of exemplary quality too and all of our beds are beautifully crafted by our specialist in-house teams.

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