How An Ottoman Bed Can Change Your Life

Ottoman Bed Base

Oliver Speake |

From the moment that you start browsing through your options whilst on the lookout for a brand-new bed, the chances are that you will feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choice that is afforded to you. A divan base with drawers, for instance, has proven to be a best-seller since its introduction, and smart beds are also now seeing their popularity begin to spike. However, Ottoman bases remain highly sought-after, and Divan Bed Warehouse is here to explain how this unit could potentially change your life for the better.

Compatible with various mattresses

Although you may have your eye out for a replacement bed frame, it may be that you are content with your existing mattress. The reason that we point this is out is because you will need to ensure that your new piece of furniture can accommodate this particular mattress type. Thankfully, Ottomans are routinely praised for their versatility - regardless of whether you have a memory foam or pocket sprung mattress, you should have no-trouble in putting them together.

Greater storage than standard beds

If you are someone that lives in a house that is rather restricted in terms of size, you need to be savvy about the way in which you use space. Each-and-every metre counts, and you cannot take storage for granted. Should you be trying to keep your bedroom neat-and-tidy, a solution that you should certainly contemplate is buying a full-lift Ottoman bed. Underneath the frame, you will find an abundance of storage; even a small double will allow you to rid yourself of the hulking chest of drawers that you have had to put up with.

Headboard-friendly option

Unfortunately, there are some beds that simply don’t look right when they are combined with a headboard - this is a great shame, as headboards have proven time-and-again to be a fantastic accessory to have within the bedroom. Provided that you choose the right choice of fabric when purchasing your Ottoman bed, you should encounter no-difficulty when buying a headboard that complements it. The visual impact that can be had is something that you will continue to marvel at for years to come.

Long-list of styles

For those of you that have come to the decision that they would like to push forward with buying an extra-deep, end-lifting Ottoman bed, we are thrilled to inform you that the world is your oyster when it comes to selecting a design. In truth, it does not matter if you would like a Side-Lift Ottoman Divan Hybrid, or you think that you would be better-off with the classic Ottoman Base. Each of these styles has something to bring the table, and will leave you smiling-and-satisfied for a long time.

Shedding Light On Our Services

Understandably, now that you have been able to read over the not-inconsiderable number of benefits associated with extra-deep Ottoman bed bases, you may be contemplating placing an order. Alternatively, it could be that you are searching for a divan bed frame that has drawers found in the side of the base. Thankfully, you don’t need to look far for a retailer that can help you. Here at Divan Bed Warehouse, we have proven time-and-again that we can handle any project that comes our way. A lack of fabric colours won’t be an issue, nor will finding an Ottoman storage bed with sufficient storage space. We try to cater to your particular needs - there are few firms that will do the same. The number to call, if you want to get the ball rolling, is 0330 120 1123.