Popular Colours for Your Ottoman Bed Base

Popular Colours for Your Ottoman Bed Base

Oliver Speake |

Ottoman beds are the ultimate solution for quality sleep and perfect storage solution. If you want to get a better night’s rest and have extra storage space in your bedroom, then it’s worthwhile considering investing in an Ottoman bed base. An Ottoman bed contains a sizable under bed compartment that can be ideally used for storing your personal belongings and items, the perfect practical storage solutions with their built in drawers.

Alongside this, an Ottoman storage bed base can enhance the look and feel of your room. Here at Divan Bed Warehouse, we offer a full range of fabric colours, so there’s a multitude of ways that you can personalise and design your bed. To make things easier, our team has compiled a list of the top colours to choose for your storage bed frames - read below to find out more.

Silver Chenille

Silver Chenille is a beautiful colour to choose for your storage bed frames. This colour exudes elegance and style, with its minimalist and understated look. It will suit any existing home decor and environment, subtly blending in with your current furniture and interior look. Divan Bed Warehouse offers Silver Chenille for Ottoman bed bases at a fantastic price, accommodating all types of budgets.

Turmeric Plush Velvet

Turmeric is a hugely popular colour that is the height of fashion right now. It is a bold, rich colour that can liven up and enrich any space that it is added to. If you would like to make a statement with your Ottoman bed base and storage beds, then opting for Turmeric could be the perfect option. You’ll certainly achieve a vibrant look and feel in your smaller bedrooms, elevating your space to the next level. Turmeric will create an uplifting atmosphere that makes it a joy to spend time in the room.

Wool Jade

Wool Jade is a trusted choice for many people when they’re searching for a colour for an Ottoman beds base. This colour blends supremely well with any existing home interior including wood, white and matte black finishes. It is a smart, low-key choice that gives a delicate, gentle effect to your bed and room. Come to Divan Bed Warehouse to buy a Wool Jade Ottoman bed base at an affordable price.

Mink Naples

Another exciting colour to choose for your Ottoman bed frames is Mink Naples. This colour combines a mixture of orange and brown, creating a neutral, cool shade that works seamlessly with earthy neutrals. It will set the tone for a trendy bedroom space that you can further add to with natural materials and colours to suit your preferences for the ultimate luxury.

Purchase a Coloured Ottoman Bed Base today

If you are thinking about buying a small double Ottoman bed base or single Ottoman bed, then visit the Divan Bed Warehouse website today to explore the different colours that we offer within our catalogue. From Slate Linoso and Silver Chenille to Blue Naples and Wool Bronze, we offer an assortment of style statement colours to suit your preferences and tastes.

No matter what you are specifically looking for, we can cater to you with an super king Ottoman Bed Frame that perfectly matches your bedroom interior. Should you need more help or any assistance with finding the right king size Ottoman Bed Base, then contact our representatives on 0330 120 1123. One of our knowledgeable team can pick out the ideal colour for you and meet all of your requirements.

When you come to Divan Bed Warehouse, you will receive a first-class service from start to finish. We provide a free two-man room of choice delivery that will involve your storage bed frames being delivered straight to your door with the utmost convenience. With over 15 years of experience behind the team at Divan Bed Warehouse, you can trust us to be the ideal solution with your Ottoman bed base. So, why not contact us today?