Things To Double-Check When You Buy Divan Bed Online

buy divan bed online

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In this digital day and age, lots of people do the majority of their shopping online. Not only do people buy groceries and clothes online, but many even order all of the furniture for their home online these days too and they will avoid going into a homeware store altogether. It is fair to say that shopping online is incredibly convenient and getting a bulky piece of furniture delivered to your door can make life so much easier.

However, you do need to be careful when you’re buying something like a new bed or divan bases online and you will always want to ensure that you’re investing in the best company and the best products available. So, to help anyone who is currently looking to buy divan beds online, below we have put together a list of important things you should always double-check before you add a divan bed set or divan bases to your basket and go through the checkout process.

A company’s return policy

This is arguably one of the most important things to check whenever you order something online, especially when you’re spending quite a lot of money on one piece of furniture. You should read through a company's returns and exchanges policy before deciding whether to purchase via their website and don’t be afraid to contact them with any questions you have.

The length of warranty that comes with a bed

When you buy divan beds online, it really should come with a warranty and if it doesn’t, this is a big red flag. Always check what the length of the warranty is as this will differ not only from company to company but from product to product too. The length of the warranty often reflects the quality of a divan base and a company’s confidence in their products, so bear this in mind.

Reviews from previous customers

It can be very helpful to read reviews from previous customers who have bought divan beds online and these reviews are just as beneficial to read as the description of the divan bed itself. Ideally, you should find a bed with lots of positive five-star reviews from genuine customers and doing so can help to ensure you’re happy with the divan base when it is delivered.

The storage solutions under the bed

You will find that some of the divan beds available to order online provide different types of storage options and you can usually choose the configuration of the storage drawers, for example. It is always important to look at the different options available in this regard and to ensure you’re choosing a divan base that is suitable for all of your individual needs.

Delivery time, cost and details

Whenever you’re ordering something online, you should always read through the delivery information. Not all companies will offer fast and free delivery, and not all of their delivery teams will help you get the divan bed upstairs, if required. You may want to check if a company is able to provide you with assembly services as well if they’re something you’re interested in.

The measurements of the divan bed

Of course, you should never buy divan beds online without looking at the length, width and height measurements, and ensuring that the bed you order will actually fit in your bedroom. The majority of divan beds come in a wide range of sizes, from small singles to super king, so take a look at the size guide, mattress type, i.e memory foam or pocket sprung, and use this to help you decide which size is most suitable for you. Be sure to take the mattress and headboard into consideration. View our collection of memory foam, pocket sprung and pillow top mattresses and checkout the different mattress firmness we offer.

Buying a divan bed online

There is no denying that buying your new bed online is incredibly convenient and it is easy to see why so many homeowners choose to do so nowadays, however, you do have to be careful. Hopefully, the information above will be useful when you’re buying divan beds online and you can ensure that you’re not overlooking anything important before you checkout. Double-checking all of these things really can provide you with complete peace of mind.

Whenever you’re wanting to buy a divan bed online, there is no better website to visit than the Divan Bed Warehouse site. Not only do we specialise in divan beds, but as a family run business with over fifteen years of experience behind us, you can always purchase from us in confidence knowing that you will be receiving the highest quality products too that will ensure a good night's sleep. You can find out more about us as a company and the divan sets and divan bases that we supply on our site, but if you have any questions at all, feel free to contact our team today.

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