What Makes Memory Foam Divan Bed So Popular?

What Makes Memory Foam Divan Bed So Popular?

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Divan beds are arguably one of the most advantageous beds available on the market and they are a brilliant choice whether you’re looking for a small single or a super king size bed. Nowadays, when ordering divan beds, you can either purchase the bed base and mattress separately or you can order a bed set, but either way, you will be able to decide which type of mattress you purchase.

From open sprung mattresses and natural latex mattresses to pocket sprung mattresses and orthopaedic mattresses, there are so many different options available for a divan beds, yet one of the most popular options remains to be a memory foam mattress. If you’ve never really thought too much about the type of mattress you’d like to have on your bed and you’re intrigued to know why memory foam mattresses are so sought-after, below we have looked into some of the biggest benefits of divan beds.

Divan Beds Are Suitable For All Sleeping Positions

Unlike other mattress options, memory foam mattresses tend to be ideal for all sleeping positions. Whether you sleep on your back, on your side or on your front, you will be able to have a good night’s sleep when you have a memory foam bed and the mattress will adjust to your sleeping position. This is particularly useful for couples who share a bed but like to sleep in different positions.

Memory Foam Supports Your Body As You Sleep

Memory foam mattresses are designed to contour and mold to the shape of your body and provide targeted support as you sleep. They help to ensure that your spine is aligned no matter what position you’re laying in too, providing ultimate comfort during the night. You will likely find that you sleep better when your body is being supported in a memory foam bed and the mattress will feel like it was made for you.

Memory Foam Mattresses Help To Prevent Aches And Pains

Due to the fact that memory foam mattresses evenly distribute your body weight, they reduce pressure on the heaviest parts of your body too. This mattress will help with blood circulation throughout the night and even relieve common muscle aches and pains along with general body soreness. Many find that divan beds are really useful when they’re recovering from an injury as well. 

Memory Foam Divan Beds Are Really Durable  

Generally speaking, you can expect high-quality divan beds to last for many years to come and this type of mattress paired with this type of bed is a brilliant long-lasting combination. The lifespan of a memory foam mattress tends to be longer than those of other mattresses and when you look after your mattress, you won’t have to invest in a replacement for a very long time.

Memory Foam Mattresses Are Silent During The Night  

Many mattresses disturb users whilst they’re sleeping, not because they’re uncomfortable, but because they can be really noisy. Thankfully, memory foam mattresses are silent and when you move during the night, the mattress won’t make a squeaking noise that wakes you up. Of course, divan base are known for being quiet too, so your bed won’t cause any disturbance when you change position.

Divan Beds Don’t Move When Your Partner Moves 

In addition to being silent, divan beds also have very limited motion transfer, meaning that when your partner moves in the night, you won’t feel a thing. Even if the person next to you is tossing and turning, the motion isolation of a memory foam mattress will help to prevent this from affecting how well you sleep. This is also very useful if you have pets that sleep on your bed too.

Investing In A Memory Foam Divan Bed 

Ultimately, whilst there are lots of different types of mattresses for  divan beds these days, a memory foam mattress is always a brilliant choice. With so many benefits to memory foam, it is no surprise that this type of mattress is the first choice for the majority of homeowners and it is undeniably worthwhile looking into divan beds in more detail if you want to replace your current bed.  

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